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XGA- Monitorkabel  HD15 han – HD15 han  med Lyd  «Tynn kabel»  Mørk Grå   3,0m

XGA & Audio – 3,0 m Micro
Micro Coax Mørk Grå Kabel

Micro VGA/Audiokabel

Micro VGA + Audio cables provide high performance and flexibility.
These thin cables constructed of 5 micro coax for the RGBHV signals additional wires and twisted pair passing ID bits and audio signals and pre-terminated with molded 15-pin HD connectors (Male to Male) and a 3.5mm stereo mini jack, are flexible to make installations easy and neat.

* Outer diameter of 6.0mm (0.236 inch).
* All 15 pins are passed through the cable.
* The audio leads are 61.0 cm (24 inch) long at one end and 20.3 cm (8 inch) on other end.
* These cables are ideal for video presentations, home theater and any installations in tight spaces.
* Use these cables with our table solutions for your comfort and efficiency.


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