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Patch – Flatkabel  Cat.6  UTP  Rød   1,0m

CAT 6 Network cable; flat cable
2xRJ45 Stecker; unshielded

Flat network cable for easy installation e.g. under laminate, wall connectors.
– OD only 1.5mm x 6mm
– low bending radius
– easy to superscribe
– Ideal for home networking
– molded version with strain relief

– with length indication on the strain relief
– with gold plated contacts
– slim line strain relief, suitable for all patch panel

Lenght: 1,0 m
Color: red
Standard CAT 6
Shielding immunity: U/UTP
Inner conductor: 4x2xAWG 26/7 CU
Jacket: PVC
Outer diameter: 6mm x 1.5mm mm