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Installasjonskabel  PIMF Cat. 7  «Halogenfri»   100 m

Cat.7 Network installation cable, PiMF, 100m
100Ohm, 10GB, AWG 23, 1000 MHz, FRNC-B, orange

Cat.7 Network Installation Cable, 1000 MHz, 10 Gbit

S/FTP 4 x 2 x AWG 23/1 PiMF, FRNC-B, 100 Ohm

Conductor: Cu wire, bare Ø 0.56mm (AWG 23)
Insulation: Foam-skin polyethylene, Ø 1.35mm
Stranding: 2 cores to the pair
Pair shielding: aluminum-coated plastic composite film
Twisting to the inner core: 4 pairs (PiMF)
Entire shielding: tinned copper shield (35% coverage)
Colour: orange
Length: 100m
FRNC (Fir Resistan Non Corrosive) is halogen free

DIN EN 50173 defines the bending radius for copper cable:

Minimum bending radius during installation: 8 times the cable diameter.
Minimum bending radius after installation (only once): 4 times the cable diameter.
In the product standard DIN VDE 0298 part 3 the permitted bending radius for electric lines depends on the conductor diameter Ø are specified:

For multi-core plastic-insulated cables

4 x Ø
For flexible cables with free movement:

Ø = 8 to 12mm: 4 x Ø
Ø = 12 to 20mm: 5 x Ø
For flexible cables for fixed installation:

Ø = 8 to 12mm: 3 x Ø
Ø = 12 to 20mm: 4 x Ø
If the bend radius is not adhered to during the cable routing, the material stretches and compressions change the mechanical construction of the cable. The result is a degradation of the electrical properties.



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