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Apparatkabel  India  til  3pin (C5)   ca 1,8m

Power cord India YP-81/YC-14. 0.75mm², 1.8m
IND 3pin 5A/IEC 60320-C5, 2.5A, BIS, black

Yung-Li Mains Cable for India (IND) – Type D to C5

MAG Part No: CB-3-IND (Yung-Li Part No: YP-81/YC-14)

Connectors: Type D to C5
Colour: black
Length: 1.80m
X section: 3 x 0.75mm²
Material: H05VV-F
Approval: BIS
RoHS compliant
Packaging: bulk
India, Africa & Near East countries

Plug type D – Yung-Li Part No YP-81
This IS-1293 (Indian Standard) plug is similar to the BS546 standard and is used, according to IEC, in approximately 40 different countries.The type D version is rated to 6A and is physically smaller than the type M but is still of the same form factor. The 6A version cannot be used with any IEC connectors rated high than 6A e.g. C13, C15 or C19. It has 3 round pins forming an isosceles triangle. The earth pin is wider and longer than the N & L pins to enable it to release the protective shutters on the live and neutral lines. Even if the socket doesn’t have protective shutters, the longer earth is still necessary for it to make first contact before the plug becomes live and on withdrawal the current carrying contacts are separated before earth connection is detached.

Connector C5 – Yung-Li Part No YC-14
Clover leaf connector IEC 60320-C5 aka Mickey Mouse connector. This connector is often used in conjunction with power supplies for notebooks and laptops. The maximum pin temperature may not exceed 70°C and the maximum rated current is 2.5A.


Vekt 0.24 kg