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Adapter  YL-2113  Euro 2 pin han –  C7 hun

Power adaptor C7 to CEE 7/16 Europlug type C
Europlug EN50075 2pin M/IEC 60320-C7 F, YL-2113

Power Converter, Mains Adapter – C7 to Europlug

Connectors: IEC60320-C7 to Europlug CEE 7/16
Colour: black
IP 20
Approval: CE
Packing: bulk

Countries: Most of Europe and various other countries throughout the world

Plug type C (CEE 7/16) (YP-21A)
Aka Europlug it is defined by the CENELEC standard EN 50075 as «a flat non-rewirable two pole plug, 2.5A/250V, with cord for the connection of class II equipment for household or similar purposes». It has many national compatible equivalents throughout the world.

Connector type C7 (YC-13)
The figure of 8 or Euro 8 IEC 60320-C7 connector is a non-polarized, class II domestic appliance coupler. The maximum pin temperature may not exceed 70°C and the maximum rated current is 2.5A.


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