Apparatkabel  C15(C13)  –  C20  (1,0mm2)   1,8m


Power cord YP-33/YC-20, 1mm², VDE, 1.8m

Connectors: IEC60320-C15 to C20
Colour: black
Length: 1.80m
X section: 3 x 1mm²
Material: H05V2V2-F
Approvals: VDE, ENEC
RoHS compliant
Packaging: bulk

Countries: Worldwide

Connector type C15 – Yung-Li Part No YC-20
Some electric kettles and similar hot household appliances like home stills use a supply cord with a C15 connector, and a matching C16 inlet on the appliance; their temperature rating is 120 °C rather than the 70 °C of the similar C13/C14 combination. The official designation in Europe for the C15/C16 coupler is a ‘hot condition’ coupler. These are similar in form to the C13/C14 coupler, except with a ridge opposite the earth in the C16 inlet (preventing a C13 fitting), and a corresponding valley in the C15 connector (which doesn’t prevent it fitting a C14 inlet). For example, an electric kettle cord can be used to power a computer, but an unmodified computer cord cannot be used to power a kettle.

Connector type C20 – Yung-Li Part No YP-33
The appliance coupler or inlet IEC 60320-C20 is used on high current applications with a maximum current of 16A and a maximum pin temperature of 70°C.


Vekt 0.25 kg