Apparatkabel  India 3pin han – C13 hun  sort/vinklet  0,75mm2   ca 1,8m


Apparatkabel  India 3pin han – C13 hun  sort/vinklet  0,75mm2   ca 1,8m


Power cord India type M to C13, 0.75mm², 1.8m
IND 3pin type M/IEC 60320-C13, BIS, black

Connectors: Type M to C13
Colour: black
Length: 1.80m
X section: 3 x 0.75mm²
Material: YY3G
Approval: BIS
RoHS compliant
Packaging: bulk

Countries: South Africa, India

Plug type M
This IS-1293 (Indian Standard) plug is similar to the BS546 standard and is used for larger appliances in countries that also use the type D plug.The type M version is rated to 16A and is physically larger than the type D but is still of the same form factor. It has 3 round pins forming an isosceles triangle. The earth pin is wider and longer than the N & L pins to enable it to release the protective shutters on the live and neutral lines. Even if the socket doesn’t have protective shutters, the longer earth is still necessary for it to make first contact before the plug becomes live and on withdrawl the current carrying contacts are separated before earth connection is detached.

Connector type C13
The appliance coupler IEC 60320-C13 is used to connect equipment that doesn’t produce excessive heat when in use. The maximum pin temperature should not exceed 70°C and the maximum current is 10A.


Vekt 0.24 kg