Apparatkabel  Amerika/USA  AWG18  sort/rett   ca 1,8m


Apparatkabel  Amerika/USA  AWG18  sort/rett   ca 1,8m


Power cord America USA YP-12/YC-12, AWG18, 1.8m
USA NEMA 5-15P/IEC 60320-C13, SVT, UL, CSA

Connectors: Type B to C13
Colour: black
Length: 1.80m
X section: AWG 18 x 3
Approval: UL, CSA
RoHS compliant
Packaging: bulk
Material: SVT
S = Service Grade (also means extra hard service when not followed by J, V or P)
V = Vacuum cleaner cord (also light duty cable)
T = Thermoplastic

Countries: Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, USA

Plug type B
The NEMA 5-15P plug has 2 flat parallel pins for the N & L and a round, longer pin for the earth. The plug is recommended for max. 120V 60Hz installations.

Connector type C13
The appliance coupler IEC 60320-C13 is used to connect equipment that doesn’t produce excessive heat when in use. The maximum pin temperature should not exceed 70°C and the maximum current is 10A.


Vekt 0.18 kg