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FireWire-forlenger  6:6  IEEE1394  «Aktiv»   ca 4,5m

FireWire-forlenger  6:6  IEEE1394  «Aktiv»   ca 4,5m


The IEEE 1394 repeater HUB allows a single Fire Wire cable limits from 4.5 Meter (15 ft) up to 225 ft via one repeater to another. If you need to connect more Fire Wire peripherals over a long distance , let our IEEE 1394 repeater cables do the job. Our repeater cable has a built-in 1394 physical layer chip inside , it is available with data transfer rate of 100Mb/s, 200 Mb/s and 400 Mb/s.

Our IEEE 1394 hub is an essential device for connecting a number of IEEE 1394 peripherals. When you have several Fire Wire devices, just use our IEEE 1394 hub – it allows hot plugging

Specifications :
Data Transfer Rate : 100,200, 400
Standard: IEEE 1394
Connectors : 2 x IEEE 1394 6Pin + 1 x IEEE 1394 6Pin.
Package : w/one ilink cable.


Vekt 0.38 kg