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VGA-splitter  1:8   450MHz   2048×1536  Uten kabler   **Restlager**

VGA-splitter  1:8   450MHz   2048×1536  Uten kabler   ** Restlager **


VGA Splitter 8 to 1, 450MHz, 2048×1536
1x VGA F (CPU) / 8x VGA F (Monitor)

Supports VGA, SVGA, XGA and Multisync monitors
Video bandwidth 450MHz
Resolution 2048 x 1536
Max cable length 55m (built-in signal amplifier)
Metal case for better EMI shielding
Power supply included
Connector in: 1xHDB 15 Male
Connectors out: 8x HDB 15 Female

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Art.-nr.: 6440 (2m)
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