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LevelOne  19″ KVM- switch  4PC – 1 Konsoll  PS2  **Restlager**

LevelOne  19″ KVM- switch  4PC – 1 Konsoll  PS2  **Restlager**


4 Port KVM-Switch with OSD for PS/2

Key features:
1-to-3 for PS2 unique cables eliminates tangled issue
Maximum computer be controlled up to 136 in cascade
1U-height, 19?saves rack spaces
Auto-scan function automatically selects computer sequentially
Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse (Pro)
Assigns computers with unique and meaningful names
Programmable scan filters unused computers
Store system settings and name entries to non-volatile memory
Password security locks computer from unauthorized access
Gains complete control with easy-to-use OSD interface
Hotkey functions allow easily computer access
Keyboard states automatically saved and restored when switching computers
Operating system is independent and transparent to all applications
Plug-and-play system configuration
Keyboard and mouse can be hot plugged at any time
DDC2B compatible

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