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Fiberkabel  LC – LC  50/125  Duplex  LSOH  OM3  «Turkis»  FO armoured   150,0m

FO armoured cable OM3, 50µ, LC/LC, MM, 150m
duplex, LSZH, rodent protected, turquoise

DINIC OM3 FO Fibre Optic Armoured Cable – LC / LC

Armoured Steel Tubing
KEVLAR Strands
Copper Braid
Rodent protected

Fibre: 50/125µ
Connectors: LC to LC
Multimode – OM3
Duplex (two lines)
OD: 1.8mm
Operating temperature: -20 ° to +70 °
Colour: turquoise
Length: 150m

Halogen-free according to IEC 60754-2
Flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1
Low smoke according to IEC 61034

DINIC polybag with euroslot
Width: 200mm / Height: 300mm

Max. range:
1 Gigabit/s – up to 900m
10 Gigabit/s – up to 300m
40 Gigabit/s – up to 100m
100 Gigabit/s – up to 100m

It is recommended that OM3 or better still OM4 is used for new systems to ensure future compatibility at only marginal price difference.