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Video-kabel  RCA  –  RCA   Gule plugger  «HQ»   ca 30,5m

Videokabel RCA – 30,5 m
23 AWG Mørk Grå RG-59

Composite Video Cable RG-59

RVM series cables are constructed of RG-59 cable with male RCA connectors at each end. They offer outstanding quality, durability, and high-performance for any composite video or mono audio signal.

Quality Construction – Constructed from RG-59 cable for transparent performance with composite video signals.
High-Quality Connectors – Molded connectors are yellow to match video connectors on typical equipment.

Coax Center Conductor: RG-59, solid 23 AWG bare copper
Dielectric: HD polyethylene.
Outer Jacket Color: Dark Gray w/white lettering.
Outer Jacket: PVC.
Shield: 95% braid, bare copper.
Center Conductor: 0.022 inches, 0.58mm.
Dielectric: 0.118 inches, 3.7mm.
Outside Diameter: 0.23 inches, 5.9mm.
DC Resistance: 69 Ohm per km.
Impedance: 75 Ohm
Temperature: 68° to 167° fahrenheit, – 20° to 75° celsius.
UL: CL2.


Vekt 1.43 kg