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DINIC  Bil- Adaptor  USB Lader  12V til 2x USB  5V  1x 1000mA + 1x 2100mA  Sort

Car charger 12V to 2 x USB 5V, black
1 x 1000mA + 1 x 2100mA

DINIC Car Power Adapter (for Apple iPad as well)

This charger is the best choice for charging devices with an integrated battery. To charge mobilephones, iPhone, iPad, MP3 players, PDA etc. is possible, so far this is done via the USB port.

Input voltage: 12-24V DC
Output voltage: 2x DC 5.0V
Output current: max. 3100mA, (1x1000mA + 1x2100mA)
Colour: black
Identification: CE
Packaging: DINIC blister

Package dimensions (BOX1-40)
Width: 110mm
Height: 140mm
Depth: 40mm


Vekt 0.05 kg